Hooking up Isaac and you may Jacob on Category of Abraham

Hooking up Isaac and you may Jacob on Category of Abraham

… Sarah does not appear in ch. 24. Appearing straight back over the facts, this new resource is just to the father whom, at the beginning of new chapter, believed he had been next to passing. It is likely hence the concluding phrase ran: ‘Therefore Isaac was comforted following the loss of their dad.’…

Gunkel’s option would be maybe not sufficient, but not. His disagreement one “if servant relates to Isaac, Isaac informs your one to his dad enjoys died regarding meantime,” ignores the reality that the new servant refers to Isaac due to the fact “his learn” through to the a few got an opportunity to speak (v. 65), at which part, the new slave do not have recognized one to Abraham had died. Furthermore, the brand new observe regarding the Isaac finding comfort to have his mother’s dying links however to help Polen brudar byrГҐ you Sarah death (ch. 23), which means that there’s no valid reason so you can emend this new verse in order to “father.”

A great Fragment regarding Community

I suggest you to definitely in the first place it had been Isaac, presumably by himself initiative, exactly who sends from their servant to get your a partner. Ergo, if slave productivity with Rebecca, he gift suggestions their unique right to Isaac.

Once i argue within my “Isaac before He had been Abraham’s Child” (TheTorah 2020), Abraham had previously been an independent patriarch, whom supported alone as “father” of the country

A publisher revised the bulk of the brand new narrative (vv. 1–52), one to in the first place concerned about Isaac merely, to provide Abraham as the individual that taken care of their young buck and you can install to own his wedding ahead of their dying. Thus, the guy refers to “his grasp Abraham” (vv. twelve, 27, 42, 48) and that is called “Abraham’s servant” (vv. 34, 52), and far of one’s talk is focused on the fresh new slave trying to find good spouse into the master’s young man.

An excellent fragment of your own first brand of the fresh story is managed regarding v. 53, and that means brand new servant’s current in order to Rebecca’s sis and mom, till the prevent of narrative, in just some article glosses (vv. 59, and you may 67a).

Right here, the fresh servant is actually referred to only as “the newest slave” or “the man” (vv. 53, 58, 61, 65 [twice], 66), that’ll exactly as easily be a mention of the Isaac’s slave. Alot more notably, you start with verse 54, we find “the newest slave” speaking to Rebecca’s mom and you will sister throughout the “my grasp” (vv. 54, 56) as opposed to “my personal master Abraham” (as in vv. 12, twenty-seven, 35–37, 39, 42, 48):

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Gen The fresh slave brought out things away from gold-and-silver, and you may clothing, and you may gave these to Rebecca; in which he offered gifts in order to their particular sister along with her mommy. Then plus the men with him consumed and you can used, as well as spent the night time. After they emerged next early morning, he said, “Provide myself log off to go to my personal learn.”… He said to them, “Don’t decelerate myself, given that YHWH made my personal errand profitable. Offer myself hop out which i could go on my learn.”

From here up until verse 65, the slave seems to be talking about Isaac when he says “my learn;” this will be obvious when he shows you to Rebecca exactly who the person approaching all of them are.

As to the reasons was the storyline reworked to make the effort with the ‘s and not Isaac’s? To start with, the Abraham and you will Isaac stories have been independent life style, and you can just weren’t connected: Isaac wasn’t Abraham’s child. Meanwhile, Isaac and his child Jacob-the father regarding Israel-belonged so you can a parallel, independent, federal society.

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