New citizen from a partner (a husband otherwise a wife)

New citizen from a partner (a husband otherwise a wife)

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During the span of increasingly increasing quantity of mixed family (whenever residents out-of Lithuania wed having residents out-of overseas claims), the challenge of a twin citizenship and the possibilities getting obtaining the brand new citizenship away from Lithuania from the a spouse from a citizen out of Lithuania will get very important.

If the a citizen of Lithuania data a marriage which have a resident away from a different state, the latter (spouse otherwise a wife from a citizen out-of Lithuania) could be supplied the fresh citizenship of Lithuania immediately following 7 many years of this new long lasting quarters inside Lithuania on the resident of Lithuania.

After eight several years of the long lasting residence within the Lithuania, a partner out-of a wife out-of a citizen out of Lithuania may make an application for granting the latest citizenship from Lithuania.

In some instances, a husband out-of a partner of a resident from Lithuania may get giving the fresh new citizenship away from Lithuania earlier. Such as, a partner off a spouse of a resident out-of Lithuania could possibly get get giving this new citizenship of Lithuania once 5 years in case of membership of one’s matrimony which have a former deportee, governmental prisoner otherwise a kid of such people born in exile, or if perhaps the fresh new alien lived forever in Lithuania which have a wife (a citizen away from Lithuania) one passed away for at least 12 months.

Household regarding a person in Lithuania is actually accepted long lasting, if your individual doesn’t hop out Lithuania to own a time surpassing six months annually.